Cosmetic prosthesis

This type of prosthesis is intended for users who prioritize the esthetic appearance of the prosthesis and accept that it will have more limited functional capabilities (supporting objects, holding a bag, etc.).

Cosmetic prostheses are available for users who have had different types of amputation: arm, forearm, hand, fingers, foot.

This flexible prosthesis is primarily made of silicone.

Some prostheses are covered with a removable cosmetic glove, in which case the user can select a darker colored glove to match a darker skin color.

There are many different esthetic finishes available and users looking for an even more realistic look can order a cosmetic prosthesis made from a reverse mold of their opposite limb that creates a perfect replica. Some prostheses may be customized to match the user’s pigmentation, with realistic veins and even moles.

This types of prosthesis may be produced for all degrees of amputation:

  • For fingers, a minimum phalanx length of 1 cm is required to support the purposes.
  • For partial or total hand amputations. A finger joint can be added in some cases to give 90° flexion that is useful, for example, when typing on a keyboard.
  • For forearm and arm prostheses,
  • For foot prostheses or partial amputation.

The user must provide day-to-day care of the prosthesis in accordance with the instructions for use provided by the prosthetist.. The user should arrange to see a prosthetist once a year for a general review and for servicing and maintaining the prosthesis. If users have any questions about the device they should not hesitate to contact their prosthetist or physician.

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