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One of our guiding principles here at PROTEOR is our tagline – HumanFirst. For us, it isn’t just a tagline – but rather a reminder that we must place people at the center of everything we do. It is central to our organization.

With that in mind, these resources are not about product or flashy advertising- it is about you and helping you “Restore Your Everyday.” We will continuously add new content and features to this page, so be sure and check back regularly for updates, new information, and new programs.

And please let us know of future content you would like to see; simply join our PAAC (see below) and send us a note with your thoughts. We would love to hear from you – and you will hear back from us!

Physical strength is, of course, key to recovery – but it also is a cornerstone for a vibrant and active lifestyle. PROTEOR Fitness aims to help define a path for greater strength and flexibility. Moderated by Dr. Bethany Nelson, our fitness program is divided into 9 classes – and presented in sequential order – so as to build a strength and flexibility profile that will accelerate (and maximize!) results.

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PROTEOR is proud to partner with Denise Hoffman, RN – an amputee and well-known amputee advocate – in sponsoring the “Dish With Denise” web series, a “deep dive about anything and everything amputee.” Denise’s overarching goal in this series is to eliminate – where possible – the fear of the unknown by providing insights, suggestions, guidance and stories of amputee life – and she covers a lot of ground! New episodes drop monthly.

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PROTEOR Amputee Alliance Council (PAAC)
Community is also an important element to recovery and an active life.
To assist in this development, we have formed the PAAC – a
community of amputees, clinicians, and care givers- who, collectively,
help build a network of support & interaction.

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