Forearm-hand-finger orthosis

Hand orthoses (finger, thumb, wrist, palm, etc.) are grouped into two categories:

Immobilization (or static) orthoses:
used to rest a joint chain by immobilizing it.
They are intended to prevent, correct or redirect a deformation, or to treat inflammation or trauma.

Dynamic orthoses:
used to recover, compensate for or replace a lost or deficient function by applying tension to one or more segments.

Orthoses may be ordered off-the-shelf or custom-made depending on the indications and the goals set.

Custom-made orthoses:
custom-made hand orthoses are either thermoformed directly onto the user’s limb, or made using a plaster positive produced from a mold of the user’s hand. They allow for fine fitting and a precise degree of positioning since they so closely reproduce the user’s morphology.

Off-the-shelf orthoses:
prefabricated hand orthoses are said to be “off-the-shelf”. They are ideal when straightforward immobilization is required, without specific positioning. They are available in a number of sizes and combine effectiveness with esthetic appeal.

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Examples of forearm-hand-finger orthoses