Knee orthoses

Leg orthoses are custom-made or off-the-shelf orthopedic devices intended to hold, correct or immobilize the weakened joint.

There are many different types of holding orthoses, which can be adapted to the patient based on  their pathology:

  • Elastic, off-the-shelf knee braces provide support in the event of patellar instability, lateral subluxation or incorrect patellar alignment.
  • Articulated ligament knee braces (off-the-shelf or custom-made), prescribed for cases of ligament strains caused by instability and of post-operative protection of ligament reconstruction.
  • Off-the-shelf knee immobilizers,for post-trauma conditions, damaged ligaments and when an emergency intervention requires that the knee is completely rested.
  • Custom-made knee braces for knee osteoarthritis including the Odra orthosis for medial compartment knee osteoarthritis.

Custom-made orthoses are available in many forms, offering a wide range of designs and materials.

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Examples of knee orthoses