Support belts

Support belts are support or holding orthoses generally used to prevent and relieve backache.

PROTEOR offers two types of support belt: off-the-shelf belts and custom-made belts produced specially for a user to match their body measurements.

Lumbar belts support the base of the spinal column and allow the muscles to rest by correcting the curvature of the spinal column. They are indicated for the relief of pain generated when the user tries to maintain a good posture, or for pain associated with resuming activities (sport, gardening, etc.). They can also be used preventively by anyone with a weak back. The belts prevent the user from making potentially harmful movements by obliging them to adopt good posture.

Examples of lumbar belts

Abdominal belts tend to be used during the post-operative period or in cases of temporary deficiency of the abdominal wall.

If you are a healthcare professional and would like more information about support belts, download the free Orthopocket app (Google Play or App Store).

Examples of abdominal belts