Vein stockings and socks

Varicose vein stockings and socks exert a counter-pressure on the lower limb to relieve pathological veins and improve the efficiency of venous return. These products are offered as standard after measurements have been taken or can be made to measure.

The compression force depends on the restraint class chosen by the prescriber:

  • Class I: moderate venous insufficiency: heavy legs, beginning varicose veins, pre-varicose state, prevention of venous thrombosis.
  • Class II: moderate venous insufficiency: essential varicose veins with vesperal oedema, chronic venous insufficiency, post-surgical restraint, varicose veins in pregnancy.
  • Class III: severe venous insufficiency: severe varicose condition, post-phlebitic syndrome, pre- and post-surgical restraint.
  • Class IV: major venous insufficiency: after varicose ulcer, severe post-phlebitic syndrome, major lymphoedema, secondary varicose veins.

Shank stockings (socks), thigh-high stockings (with or without anti-slip), tights and hemi-strap stockings are available for men and women and in all classes of support. These stockings are thin, aesthetic, comfortable and pleasant to wear. They are easy to put on, strong and are available in various materials and colours.