1M112 / 1M113

Technical features

Compact 4-axis knee

1M112: lightweight and compact knee designed for children weighing less than 45 kg.
1M113: lightweight and compact knee for women and teenagers weighing less than 80 kg.
• Safety during the stance phase due to the knee’s alignment and axis geometry.
• The geometry of the 4 axes and linkages shortens the leg during the swing phase.
• Socket rotation adjustment: ±15°.
• Friction adjustment.
• Extension assist adjustment.


Complementary Product

Legal Informations:
The 1M112 / 1M113 knees, manufactured by PROTEOR, are intended to be fitted to amputees. These products are class-1, CE-marked medical devices that are certified as conforming with Regulation (EU) 2017/745. Read the instructions for use carefully before use.
Ask your prosthetist for advice.