4-Axis pneumatic knee

Its simple and effective design combines high function with minimum maintenance. It is suitable for a large population of patients weighing up to 125 kg.
• Lightweight and compact.
Flexion of up to 170°: practical for sitting down or kneeling.
• The knee is characterized by its good toe clearance (the height above the ground during the swing phase) that avoids unintended contact with the ground.

• 1P200: pyramid connection
• 1P200-KD: for hip disarticulation and long residual limb with M36 threaded connector
• Adjustable pneumatic dampening at end of extension
• Independent adjustment of resistance to flexion
• Adjustable stability by inclining the knee

Technical features


Legal information:
The Matik knee, manufactured by PROTEOR, is intended to be fitted to amputees. This product is a class-1, CE-marked medical device that is certified as conforming with Regulation (EU) 2017/745. Read the instructions for use carefully before use. Ask your prosthetist for advice.