FAQ Scoliosis

Questions and Answers

When you first receive the brace, the orthotist will explain the different methods you can use to put the brace on:

  • It is possible to put the brace on by yourself, either by standing with you back to a wall facing a mirror or by lying down.
  • Make sure that the waist portion of the brace is in the right position.
  • Pull your undershirt downwards and firmly to prevent any wrinkles or creases, paying particular attention to pressure zones.
  • The brace must be worn at the tightness setting recommended by the orthotist.

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Before putting on the brace, you first need to wear a close-fitting shirt next to your skin to protect the skin from being irritated by rubbing. It should be made of cotton, with no seams or stitching and long enough to extend below the lower part of the brace. The orthotist can suggest a suitable range of shirts. Alternatively, you can order t-shirts to wear under braces from theProteor shop

It is also a good idea for women to wear underwire-free bras or tank top-style bras (or bra tops).

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You must wash your body every day. Long soaks in the bath are not recommended since they soften the skin which can lead to irritation. Similarly, do not apply moisturising creams immediately before putting on the brace.

  • Check that the undershirt is pulled down well and isn’t creased.
  • Redness may appear where the brace presses against your skin. These marks are normal, but watch out for any raw or damaged skin or any burning sensations.
  • If the skin becomes irritated, raw or painful make an appointment promptly to see your orthotist who can make the necessary modifications.


You should clean it regularly with soapy water (neutral pH). Rubbing the inside of the brace gently with a towel will ensure that it dries quickly and can be put on again immediately. Do not immerse the brace in water.

Wearing a spinal orthosis should not stop you from playing a sport as normal, unless your physician recommends otherwise. You should take the brace off just before starting to play and put it back on immediately afterwards. You should also remove the brace before swimming.