Digital tools

Digital solution for orthopedics

ORTEN is a high-tech suite of interlinked orthopedic tools developed to help professionals digitize body shapes and then use this data to create physical products.

Our mission is to share these tools and good practices with you to enable you to produce the best possible orthopedic equipment. An overview of the full ORTEN solution:

Data capture: ORTEN3DCAM

Lets you capture a 3D image of the user’s body shape, to create their digital twin.

Rectification:  ORTENSHAPE

Comprehensive software for unrestricted rectification (or “cleaning-up”) of the body shape.

Manufacture: ORTENMAKE

High-quality milling solution


Developed by orthotists/prosthetists for orthotists/prosthetists

ORTEN tools have been developed and refined by our engineers, working closely with expert orthotists and prosthetists, with the aim of offering users tools that are very easy to use. Whether you work with plaster or are already using a CAD-CAM solution, ORTEN lets you work more effectively and optimize your time with the user.

The shape obtained in just a few seconds by Orten3Dcam is very precise. This is essential since it ensures the reliability of the rectification work that is so critical in providing the user with the best possible custom-made equipment.

OrtenShape’s cartesian model lets you perform the rectifications you want, without any restrictions, and for all types of equipment, even those with the most complex shapes, and regardless of whether they are going to be milled or 3D printed:

  • prosthesis,
  • trunk,
  • lower limb orthosis,
  • spinal-orthosis seat,
  • mattress

In order to optimize the flows between the various personnel involved, the Orten solution offers maximum portability. Our cloud-based solution transfer files extremely quickly and securely, and in full compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Your team will be trained by expert orthotists/prosthetists who tailor the training modules to your requirements to get you working efficiently as quickly as possible using ORTEN tools.