Spark Inspiration

PROTEOR’S mission is to create and provide solutions for people who want to increase their independence and well-being.

We are inspired by the people who use our products. Seeing their achievements motivates us to make more things possible. Our extensive portfolio includes technological breakthroughs that allow the utmost mobility, maneuverability, adaptability, and durability. When we all work together, it’s amazing what can be achieved.



Purposely Designed.

The PROTEOR knee collection is thoughtfully designed with your real-world needs in mind.

Trusted Legacy.
Unsurpassed Performance.

PROTEOR brings you a leading mechanical and innovative microprocessor ankle to meet a wide range of real-life needs.

More Materials.
More Choices.
Pure Satisfaction

From fiberglass to carbon fiber to EnduraCore, there’s a PROTEOR foot to fit your need.

CAD/CAM designed for you by PROTEOR

A powerful solution made simple.

Amputee Resources

PROTEOR is committed to helping people with lower limb loss achieve their goals. With focus on education, fitness and community, we strive to support your journey with useful tool and resources.

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