Orthopedic equipment

A network with a center near you

The 480 members of staff working in more than 63 centers for orthopedics apply all their experience and know-how to produce functional equipment to support your independence and well-being on a daily basis.

High-quality manufacture

When we manufacture orthopedic devices we set very high standards and use top quality materials.
Our manufacturing processes must satisfy various tests and requirements to ensure their conformity with European standards (CE marking).

Once the parts have been manufactured, all our equipment is assembled in our central manufacturing facility in Burgundy, France, or in the workshops within our centers for orthopedics.

To offer you the best custom-made orthopedic equipment, our orthotists, prosthetists and orthopedists work closely with our Research & Development unit.

250 qualified orthotists and prosthetists.
1 central manufacturing facility capable of producing 22,000 items of equipment a year to keep our centers for orthopedics fully supplied.
1 R&D unit staffed by more than 20 engineers and physicians.
Partnerships with 24 university hospitals in mainland France.

Satisfaction and trust

Every one of our centers for orthopedics is attentive to the needs of its users and to all healthcare stakeholders and ensures that its operations are organized efficiently to deliver optimal satisfaction.

Our commitment to excellence has been recognized by the award of ISO 9001 certification for our quality management system and of EN ISO 13485 certification for our medical devices.

This dual certification, granted by an official body, provides evidence of our compliance with the current regulations on medical devices and demonstrates our commitment to long-term user satisfaction and to making continuous improvements to our products and services.

Survey of 516 users between January 1 and December 31 2020.

Servicing and maintenance

Do you need an adjustment, spare part or repair? Call in at one of our 63 centers for orthopedics throughout France. Our healthcare professionals will be happy to help.

We can ensure that the monitoring of orthopedic therapy is uninterrupted when users move house or encounter problems when away from home/on vacation.


Because support, communication and help with acceptance and compliance are all key factors that affect the quality of the orthopedic treatment, PROTEOR coordinates various initiatives with medical teams, users and families:

  • Advice about fitting, hygiene, wearing and safety delivered by orthotists/prosthetists and via websites and dedicated pages on social networks. We also organize day-long events for users…
  • Therapeutic education for healthcare teams provided by our medical information trainers

Sustainable development

PROTEOR pursues a number of initiatives with a view to protecting the environment.


and 72% of custom-made devices
are manufactured in the workshops within our centers for orthopedics.


and 52% for off-the-shelf equipment.
Limiting our carbon footprint.
Creating jobs nationally.


Use ofnew materialsthat are lighter, less toxic and more easily recycled or reused.
Development and use of innovative manufacturing techniques such as CAD-CAM (Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing).
Organization ofselective sorting of recyclable waste and making all personnel aware of their obligations.

Differentiated and customized orthopedic solutions

Custom-made or off-the-shelf prostheses, spinal orthoses and orthoses… We offer high-quality orthopedic solutions that not only meet users’ current requirements but also enable them to fulfil their life goals and expectations.

The objective set for our orthotists and prosthetists is simple – to enable users to benefit from our market-leading technologies, that stem from the group’s nationally recognized know-how.

PROTEOR designs, manufactures and delivers 41,500 custom-made devices to its users every year.
PROTEOR delivers 200,000 off-the-shelf devices to its users every year.


Spinal orthoses for treating scoliosis

Trunk orthoses

Orthèses de membre supérieur

Lower limb orthoses

Postural orthoses

Mammary prostheses

Produits proposés seulement dans certains centres orthopédiques


Products offered only in certain centers for orthopedics